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Collaborative Law

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Collaborative Law


The Collaborative Family Law is a process where the lawyers instructed by the parties are specially trained and the lawyers and the clients all meet together to discuss matters and reach an agreed solution. The lawyers provide advice and support to their respective clients before, during and after the meeting itself.


The process assists clients in trying to find a solution to their problems without the intervention of the Court. If agreement cannot be reached, the lawyer instructed cannot represent you during Court proceedings.


Advantages of Collaborative Law


  • You will meet with your chosen lawyer prior to the meeting with your partner and their lawyer – often called a ‘four way meeting’ - to discuss your expectations.

  • You will receive advice from your lawyer based on your instructions and the lawyer will negotiate on your behalf in the meetings.

  • You sign an agreement as to your commitment to the process, as does your partner, providing assurance that both parties are looking to find a workable solution without the need to involve the Courts.

  • Finding an agreement via the collaborative process is a direct alternative to Court proceedings and enables the parties to retain control over the outcome rather than passing over those important decisions to a Judge.

  • Expensive and protracted Court proceedings may be avoided and the associated animosity.

  • Subsequent four way meetings can take place at the client’s pace depending on the priorities and concerns to be addressed as opposed to being driven by a Court timetable. The number of meetings required is within the client’s control.

  • If desired and appropriate, other professionals can become involved to assist, for example in the division of finances or to assist in supporting children during the separation.

  • If agreement is reached, the respective lawyers will obtain any Court Order necessary to give effect to the arrangements agreed.



The lawyers we work with in the collaborative process are:



Jane Cowley - Howes Percival LLP

Katie Herrod - Tollers LLP

Alan Peck - Tollers LLP

Heather Rose - Towcester Family Law Practice

Sally Smith - Tollers LLP

Richard Adamson - Richard Adamson Family Law

Jason Lazard - Tees Solicitors



Philip Elliott - Sharman Law LLP

Rebecca Faret - Rebecca L. Faret

Bharti Rana - Franklins Solicitors LLP

Felicity Shedden - Shedden Family Law

Beth Woodward - Neves Solicitors LLP



Lucy Arden - Copleys Solicitors

Roger Gurney - Buckles Solicitors LLP

Janice Lowther - Adlams Solicitors LLP

Jane Oakes - Collaborative Chambers

Simon Thomas - Leeds Day Solicitors